silence is golden

For the first time in a few weeks, I didn’t hear one anonymous word yesterday. Hmmmm. Ironic, no? Eh, I’m not kidding myself that it’s over, but damn, yesterday sure was nice. And today is awesome. (If you missed my little note to a certain “Anonymous” please feel free to click here and read.) 
ETA: I’ve removed that blog because I’m removing any negativity from my life…It’s amazing how quickly the ugly can overpower the beautiful.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist one last poke. There you go Anonymous. Two free days of attention. You’re welcome.

Now moving on to awesome stuff…I worked out with a trainer last night. He wasn’t necessarily my kinda guy…he was too full of hot air and motivational poster moments, but he definitely knew how pump up the volume on my workout. My legs were jelly when we finished and climbing the stairs have been slightly challenging today.

In other awesome stuff, I think we’re gonna pack up and take the boys to Oxford tomorrow for the Double Decker festival. We’ve missed our peeps and we really wanna go play. ETA: no Oxford tomorrow now. Plans have changed. Tis okay, will be heading that way soon…

In news of the weird, look what we woke up to find this morning:

Black Rot and Pecan Trees don’t mix very well…
And with that, my Friday blog is over. Happy Weekend y’all! It feels good to feel good again…

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