do the humpty hump, do the humpty hump!

Hey y’all! It’s humpday! Woot!

My Bachelorette recap was posted at Hey Don’t Judge Me yesterday. Get thee over and read. It is pure joy…in a trashy sorta way. Also, there might be some panty-melting going on. Because damn that Arie is sexy when he kisses Emily. SEX. EE.

This weekend it will be just me and the dogs and I’m really looking forward to some quiet time and possibly some pool time somewhere. Or maybe me and the mutts will head to the lake… The boat is out of commission, but that doesn’t mean I can’t lie around on a floaty or on a lounge chair with a beer in my hand while the doggies frolic about like otters.

Besides…I need to work on my tan.

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