Monday "fun" day

BlueBelle’s fan belt split apart yesterday on the way home from an epic weekend at the lake. So she took a ride.

This is just one more issue to add to her repertoire of late. El Jefe worked his butt off replacing her alternator last week. We’ve had to recharge and jump the battery multiple times, and now the fan belt.

I mean, I know she’s an old gal and these things happen, but do they all have to happen at once?

We had a blast at the weekend. Here’s a link to the photos. There was lots of shenanigans and mayhem.

I would like some of that peace and tranquility back. Also, I would really like for this head cold Jefe and I came home with to go away…

In other news, check this Chick out. This is a very funny and well-informed view of the Chick-fil-a hate message. You go Jackson Pearce. I agree with every word you said.

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