big. stuff.

Ian is taking his driver’s test today. He starts college tomorrow. My treefrog is all-growed-up.

Not only can he vote, he can join the military, & run off and get married without my permission (yeah…but if this happens, I will be killing him so, really this one doesn’t count). And he’s a college boy. Wow.

I’m amazed by both of my boys everyday. I’m proud of the young men they are becoming…and if you do the math, you’ll realize I was obviously child bride and young mom…because there is no way I’m old enough to have boys this age. (which explains why I’m still getting carded) Freshmen! Both of them!

In Feline news, Clementine brought us a present yesterday. I’m very glad it wasn’t a bunny or a chipmunk. About a month ago she brought us a flying squirrel. She probably took it straight out of the air, because she’s hardcore like that.

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