the little things

I love documenting daily life and memories. It’s part of why I still blog. It’s not that what I have to say is important, it’s that it helps me document the little things in my life that will always be important to me.

It’s why I love to take pics. I love documenting things that make me happy. Things that touch my heart. Things that just strike me in that moment. My past is always going to be a part of my present because it defined the person I’ve become. I would never want to erase that from my life. Sure I’ve made mistakes, made bad decisions, fought some demons…but if not for those things, I can’t say I would have turned into the person I am today. And frankly, I like myself.

So the past is important to me, but not as a security blanket. Not for something to cling to. You learn and move on.

But you should never try to erase it.

And now I document my present because I want to always have my memory trail. I want to remember the sweet moments of lounging on the couch with Jefe on a rainy Saturday afternoon. I want to remember the goofy moments that my kids bless me with every day. I want to remember Ruby’s pitiful face when she’s not getting enough attention, or Trin-Trin’s smile when she’s on the bed…because these things are my key to happiness. I take a picture every day because it’s the everyday little things that are worth remembering to me.

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