weekend recap (Friday included)

I took a vacation day Friday and enjoyed myself tremendously. Robyn and I walked 3.5 miles at the Big Dam(n) Bridge. And look what we saw:

Yes. that’s the remnants of a beautiful proposal on the river bank that you can see from the bridge. It made our walk just that much more awesome. Grand gestures are the most beautiful gestures of them all.

Robyn and I met up with the HoneyBadgers Friday afternoon for happy hour. The HoneyBadgers are a local running group that meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays before the crack of dawn. I may have to join them one day, just to say I did. Unfortunately, I’m not much of a morning person. But we’ll see…

Saturday was filled with a five-mile walk, lunch with El Jefe, Laura and da GodFodda at Cheers, then an awful Razorback game that I’d love to forget. I also made my homemade mac and cheese and stuffed crab shells. I’m not gonna lie, it was divine. As you can see, it was served on the finest of China.

I would love to claim that I made the stuffed crab shells as well, but in truth, Kroger seafood deli. $1.00 each. I put a pat of butter on the top and bake them at 350 til they are golden brown. DELISH.

The Mac and Cheese recipe I have makes a ton, so I volunteered to take a meal to Arkansas Children’s Hospital for my friends who’s daughter was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma earlier this year. (Read about her here) Usually when I go up there, Bit is sound asleep…but this time she was  awake and full of sunshine. Check us out:

Isn’t she the most adorable little thing you’ve ever seen?

There was also soccer and some gumbo at da GodFodda’s house on Sunday. Check Rader P out:

And there ya have it folks. The important parts of my weekend in a nutshell. Did y’all have a good one? I hope it was as full of friendship and sunshine as mine was.

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