2013: Day the 3rd

I kinda like this and will work on applying it to my life. Especially #5. Haha. I think WAY too much. I need medication to help me think less. I think the one I’ve heard the most about is called cannabis, sadly it’s not legal here. hahahaha

How was your New Year? Mine was absolutely wonderful. There was lots of laughter, champagne, and more laughter. My kid and my Domestic Partner crack me up. (yes, I’ve decided to call Jefe my DP from now on. It’s awesome.)

We had a FRINGE marathon New Year’s Day. I got to start the show from the beginning and now I’m hooked. Two things I’ve taken from this show that are awesome:

“Excellent! Now let’s go make some LSD!”

“Peter. This is me, Walter Bishop. Your father.”

From now on when I call Jefe, this is how it’s gonna go. “Jeffery. This is me, Melissa Francis. Your domestic partner.”

I may have to call him every single day just to say that. And of course, when the conversation is over, I will be sure to mention making LSD.

Wow. I’ve mentioned 2 illegal drugs in this blog…that has to be a first. Whatever will you think of me? What do I care? It’s funny.

Ian is having his wisdom teeth removed today, so I’ll be at home this afternoon to take care of him. My mother-in-law had surgery last week, and I’m taking her and Poppy some soup at lunch. I gotta take care of the people I love, doncha know?

Okay folks, any resolutions this year? Any revolutions this year? Or revelations?

*chin fist* tell me about them…

Halloween Recap. A Birthday. A Request.

Last night was fun.

Don’t worry, we only fed on the flesh of those who dared to Trick or Treat without a costume. 
Today is Maria Geraci’s birthday! I’m not gonna tell you how old she is, but I will tell you I will always be younger than her by a decade. 😀 I love you, amiga!

And now for a serious request. Any love, light, happy thoughts or prayers you can send up for Princess Purple would be great. She’s undergoing major surgery today. Be Strong, Bit! Princess Pink is sending you all sorts of sparkle today!

weekend recap (Friday included)

I took a vacation day Friday and enjoyed myself tremendously. Robyn and I walked 3.5 miles at the Big Dam(n) Bridge. And look what we saw:

Yes. that’s the remnants of a beautiful proposal on the river bank that you can see from the bridge. It made our walk just that much more awesome. Grand gestures are the most beautiful gestures of them all.

Robyn and I met up with the HoneyBadgers Friday afternoon for happy hour. The HoneyBadgers are a local running group that meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays before the crack of dawn. I may have to join them one day, just to say I did. Unfortunately, I’m not much of a morning person. But we’ll see…

Saturday was filled with a five-mile walk, lunch with El Jefe, Laura and da GodFodda at Cheers, then an awful Razorback game that I’d love to forget. I also made my homemade mac and cheese and stuffed crab shells. I’m not gonna lie, it was divine. As you can see, it was served on the finest of China.

I would love to claim that I made the stuffed crab shells as well, but in truth, Kroger seafood deli. $1.00 each. I put a pat of butter on the top and bake them at 350 til they are golden brown. DELISH.

The Mac and Cheese recipe I have makes a ton, so I volunteered to take a meal to Arkansas Children’s Hospital for my friends who’s daughter was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma earlier this year. (Read about her here) Usually when I go up there, Bit is sound asleep…but this time she was  awake and full of sunshine. Check us out:

Isn’t she the most adorable little thing you’ve ever seen?

There was also soccer and some gumbo at da GodFodda’s house on Sunday. Check Rader P out:

And there ya have it folks. The important parts of my weekend in a nutshell. Did y’all have a good one? I hope it was as full of friendship and sunshine as mine was.

weekend roundup

Friday was a laid back evening. Rader P and I watched The 5-Year Engagement which was quite funny. El Jefe read his book because “it is a movie with a wedding in it, therefore it is a chick flick.” I think there is a flaw in his thought process…last time I checked, The Hangover was a movie with a wedding in it and I don’t really think it qualifies as a chick flick. Oh well. Rader and I enjoyed it.

Saturday was very busy. I made Cheeseburger soup, salad, and garlic bread for my friends who’s little girl is going through her 6th(?) round of chemo. Maybe 7th. Either way, too much chemo for one sweet little body to go through. There is a Facebook page dedicated to her progress and they post tons of pics and updates if you’re interested in checking out the prettiest little princess on earth.

I also made some yummy crockpot chicken.

I got my new kicks in and planned to go walking DOWN BY THE RIVER, but the rain stopped me, so I had wine with Robyn instead.

Oh and my sweet little piggies were devastated, humiliated, and shat upon this weekend by Alabama. Dammit Bobby! Why’d you have to hire your little bimbo?!?!?! That’s okay, my spirit is broken, but not gone.

Sunday was a day of shopping for great deals at JcPenney. Ian and I rocked out some bargains and had a good time, to boot. Then I forced myself to go to the gym because it was raining again. And I have bootcamp tonight so I needed to make sure I got in a little exercise this weekend.

Boardwalk Empire is back! So crack tv night is almost restored.

Happy Monday, y’all.

Get well soon, my friend…

My friend Rhonda is in the hospital recovering from a car wreck and surgery. Being the good friend that I am, I wanted to send her healing lights and positive energy.

I’m pretty positive this dude’s energy would heal the sick, the blind, and maybe even a leper or two.

Get well, Rhonda B. See you soon. xx

april fool’s day

Have never understood the appeal of April Fool’s Day. Guess I’m not a prankster at heart.

So, I’ve been working away these past few weeks. I’ve finished my proposal for my new YA Paranormal. The CPs seemed to really like it a lot. Which is good–they can be a tough audience. 😉 My lovely agent will be reading next week. Hopefully she’ll love it just as much and we’ll be good to go.

Still not ready to share with you what it is about. But I will. I promise.

I’ve also been working on another (and hopefully a final)(not so subtle hint hint to my lovely editor LOL Just kidding. I love you! I promise!) round of revisions on BITE ME. Chapter 1 of LOVE SUX is almost done as well. That book’s not due until next year sometime, so I’ve got time to let it brew. And I have a 3rd story idea for this series that is also brewing. Once I’m further into LOVE SUX, I’m going to start plotting out WHAT THE FANG. Yes. The title is awesome. Go ahead, praise it.

I have two other ideas brewing. One is another adult novel. It’s a great concept with fun characters and I’m going to hammer out a proposal before summer if things work out. Another is a top secret YA group effort. But…I have no idea when I’m going to work on it. LOL I have a character and a story…probably I need to get working on it soon.

I remember being afraid that I would run out of story ideas. I guess I had nothing to worry about.

Don’t forget to pop over to the Fictionistas blog today and check out Kristen Painter’s post on Guyliner…And be sure to pop over to Kristen’s blog and offer her some get well wishes. She’s a sick bunny right now. Poor baby.

Are y’all working hard on anything right now or hardly working?