Happy Thursday

I’m in a great mood today. Rader Tater made the JROTC Drill Team at school. This is awesome, as not a lot of freshmen are invited to try out. What isn’t awesome? Having to get him to school before 7:00 a.m.

But my parental proudness outweighs my general early morning crankiness…so today is an epic win.

I’ve been really happy lately. I feel great about getting back to me… when I turned 40, I was really exercising and focusing on feeling good about myself. It was a process I started when we lived in Oxford…not long after our home renovations were done, and I was working for someone who made me miserable, plus the marriage was starting to unravel and I was in denial about it. So I started exercising and trying to lose the 50lbs of security blanket I had added to my body. It’s amazing how just adding a 2 mile walk a few days a week to my life made me feel much better about myself.

Recently, I’ve had some personal issues pop up that haven’t been fun. I made peace with them, apologized for my part, and moved on. And wow, how good does it feel to be at peace…and to be able to focus on the positive again. Bootcamp is going great. My butt is looking better than ever! (I saw you looking. It’s okay.) The boys are happy at home, we laugh every night and every morning. (Although, I’m not gonna lie…I’d love JUST ONCE to take Rader to school and not have to talk about farts. This morning’s conversation? “Mom. I had the WEIRDEST fart yesterday.”)

I’m in control of my own happiness. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. I’m so pleased with where my life is right now. Sure, there are aspects of it that could use a little nudge in a different direction, but damn, focusing on the negative just gives you wrinkles. And a bad outlook on life.

So…in light of the “thankfulness” theme going on right now…I’m so thankful for my family. And that includes my dear friends. I am so lucky to have two wonderful boys with fantastic senses of humor and who still kiss me goodnight before they go to bed every night. I am thankful for the wonderful man in my life who loves me despite my glaring flaws and who forgives me when I’m stupid. And who laughs at my jokes, even when they aren’t funny (which is rare, because as you all know, I’m VERY funny). I’m thankful for forgiveness…and the ability to learn from my mistakes and move on. I’m so thankful I’m healthy and happy. Life could be so much worse.

And with that. Happy Thursday. Life is good. Go forth and share a smile today.

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