What’s going on, yo?

Not a lot here. Been enjoying time with my boys, enjoying time with my friends, baking pies…

I got the best compliment in the world Sunday. Da Godfodda told me that my pecan pie was the 2nd best he’s ever tasted…NEXT TO HIS GRANDMOTHER’S. That’s right. I’ll take that #2 slot any time.

Which may explain why I’m always asked to bring pie to Thanksgiving Dinner.

This is going to be a low-key Thanksgiving, and I’m actually grateful. I don’t have to be up at the crack of dawn, taking my turkey out of the brine and spending all day in the kitchen. Although, truth be told, I will miss the hustle and bustle of the orphan Thanksgiving we used to host. But it will be nice not to be completely exhausted by 3:00.

Now, if I can just keep my mouth closed when my daddy starts trying to talk politics and religion. He loves to push my buttons. Maybe this year, I’ll hide my buttons better. (or start partaking in the Cardboardeaux earlier)

Um. This.

I will tell you that this weekend, we will be putting the Pimp Tree and the Flamingo Tree up…and I might be plotting to add another one to our Holiday Forest… Hmmmm, what themed tree should we go for? Pterydactyls and T-Rexes? Science Tree? Lost in Space Tree? Fairy Tale Tree? Sparkle Tree? Oh the possibilities are endless….

2 thoughts on “‘sup?

  1. Here's my secret for relatives who like to blast the room with politics during Thanksgiving… (and yes I know I blast on Facebook, but that's just some computer thingy not a ritual gathering)…After each pronouncement they make, offer to refresh their drink. Go heavy on the vodka (or whatever).


  2. Oh if it were that easy. Nobody drinks in my family except for my brother and I. And he rarely drinks in front of my parents. Mom will have 1 glass of wine, that's it. Dad…the one who really needs a drink, will have sweet tea. Maybe I should spike his tea with Sweet Tea Vodka….


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