What I’ll never understand…Black Friday

THIS pretty much sums up how I’ve always felt about Black Friday. I mean, we just celebrated a day of thanks and now we’re off to battle to the death for the best bargain?


You will find me at home, decorating for Christmas and watching movies with the boys. There will be wine, and pie and lots of smiles.

And please, if you’re gonna get out and shop this weekend, shop locally. Don’t give the damn conglomerates another reason to open earlier and earlier and deny their employees a holiday just so they can make a buck.


2 thoughts on “What I’ll never understand…Black Friday

  1. I totally agree. I mean there is something inherently wrong with the idea of 65 year old women fist fighting over an Elmo doll. I will be far far away from any civilization eating left overs with my family and friends at my parents deer camp!!


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