Independence Day…

Tomorrow is Independence Day in the US. And many of us will celebrate by eating too much, drinking too much, and blowing stuff up. Very American!

My kiddo is traveling with his friend to the lake where I hope he’ll have a great time. This is our first year sans lakehouse, since my parents sold their place in the winter. It sucks because I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t at the lake celebrating the holiday.

Maybe I’ll buy a kiddie pool and just hang out in the sun. I could also jump on the trampoline. And then blow stuff up.

I was chatting with the mom of Rader’s friend this morning and she was giving me all the details of the trip, where they’re gonna be, and that there will be 2 pediatric doctors with them so I don’t have to worry. And I laughed and replied that I’m not a big worrier.

It’s funny, because you would think I would be a worrier, given the fact that child has broken his nose 6 times since he was 18 months old…And because he doesn’t seem to have any real fear. He’ll try just about anything– once.

But I don’t worry. He’s really a good kid. He’s one of the most respectful and smart boys his age and I’m so happy to know that I’ve done my job right. I get constant compliments on him. His manners, his charm, his sincerity. He is kind. (He is smart. He is important.) I don’t have to lecture him to feel like I’m parenting. I don’t have to demand things from him, and rarely do I have to yell at him. El Jefe and I were talking about it the other day, how awesome it is that both of the boys rarely need a lecture. We figure we have to “get on to them” about twice a year. And that’s usually because they slack off on their chores around the house.

Twice a year. heh.

It’s so nice not to have to yell about everything or threaten them. I love a drama-free life.

I have great kids.


It’s obvious I am being rewarded for being even more awesome in another life.

Now…who has a pool and wants to invite Jefe and I over tomorrow? We’ll bring things to blow up! And beer. We’ll definitely bring beer.

Happy 4th! Celebrate your freedoms. Even if you’re a woman, and your freedoms are slowly being taken away from you. Celebrate what you have while you have it!


12 thoughts on “Independence Day…

  1. Im going to celebrate the (possibly temporary) freedom my vagina has. LAWD I can wait to be able to reap the benefits of my labors of being a stern mother. There comes a time in their lives when you are pretty much just a herder (keeping them between the lines) because they are who they are going to be. Both the boys are awesome! You should be proud. And yea they are pretty much both adults your time of having to FORCE them to do things is over…….so grab a beer and kick back and ENJOY


    • Lynne, if we do our job when they are young, then we don’t have to work quite so hard when they are older. I did my fair share of punishments and yelling when they were smaller. But I always made sure the ‘punishment’ fit the crime. They were held to the Golden Rule standard of behavior (just about the only part of the bible that truly makes sense to me.) and thankfully, they still do that today. They both have a high respect for people who respect them as well. It’s pretty awesome and I’m very lucky.

      Now BEER ME!


      • Oh Im pretty sure I am fucking it up but hey I clearly wasnt as good in my past life LOL


    • Well, maybe this is my limbo? LOL I’m holding out hope that my next life is a little more heavenly. A place where I can blow things up and have more money….I probably won’t have kids in the next life (which will give me more money) because let’s face it, I’ll never be able to do this parenting thing right 3 times in a row. LOL!

      Happy 4th, Deb! Let’s blow shit up tomorrow and blog about it!


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