early mornings

photo(130)I love a sunrise the sets the sky on fire, don’t you?

Now that school is back in session, we are back in a routine. Leaving the house by 6:30 a.m. means I get to enjoy a beautiful sunrise every morning. This picture was yesterday’s beauty. The colors are inspiring, and they fill me with hope for a great day.

Sometimes that hope is dashed by reality, but hey, at least I start out with a beautiful sunrise and a smile.

Surprisingly, I have learned to love the routine of the school year. Part of it is my mornings with my kid. He’s so funny and smart and we really enjoy just chatting. Last night I picked him up from wrestling, and he talked nonstop. Wrestling is new to him, and he’s absolutely LOVING it. I am so proud of him…even though I REALLY didn’t want him to join the wrestling team. It’s just not a sport I understand or really like. And lots of the kids end up with “Mat Herpes” which just grosses me out. But, the kid is really loving the challenge of learning a new sport and the physical demands the workouts are putting him through. So, hey, I’ll deal with it, because that’s what mommas do.

It will be weird seeing him in his unitard. hahaha Or as he calls it, his Manx.

Early rising is not my favorite thing, but I’m learning to like it. There’s a quiet in the mornings that is peaceful. El Jefe’s rhythmic breathing, the cats battling it out under the Thunderdome when I let them on the patio, Rader shuffling through the house trying to rid himself of the sleep in his eyes, the smell of coffee and the fiery sunrise.

Seriously, it’s a pretty fantastic way to start the day. I should start embracing it.


I love my ex in-laws. Seriously. They will always be family and this made my day. Thank you, Poppy!


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