sorry ’bout that

I kinda forgot to blog yesterday. I blame Jennifer Christmas Christman. From now on, it will always be her fault if I don’t blog.

Today is a cave day. If it’s not raining, I’ll head to Burns Park to see Rader play soccer, but it looks like it’s gonna be rainy all day. And I need to pack. Because just in case you haven’t heard, I’m running away to Florida for 10 days.

That’s right. 10 whole days. Orlando for the RT Convention.

I’ll be blogging during the week, possibly multiple times a day. I’ll also be a twittering fool. So be prepared.

Have a great Saturday! I’m off to pour myself another cuppa joe and start packing. Bathing suit? Check. Flip Flops? Check.


more on the beach..

Sockmonkey buckles up for our long drive!
We arrive in Destin, only to discover Tropical Bitch Fay was following us. Sockmonkey sat in the window begging Fay to go to hell.
Maria, Louisa and I take a walk on the beach. These perfectly pedicured toes belong to me and louisa!
This is just before Tropical Bitch Fay showed up.
And this is just after Tropical Bitch Fay went away.

It rained on Monday, but we’ve had beautiful weather since then.Look at those WAVES!