this is it

Happy Friday y’all. After today, I am unemployed until May 9. You will find me basking on the beach next week. I’m sure I won’t be blogging much, but if you’re on FB, I’m sure I’ll be posting lots and lots of pics and possibly rubbing it in…(sunscreen, that is.)

In the name of Sand, Sun, and Surf I bid you adieu!

Have a great weekend!

less is more

Last night’s storms weren’t nearly as bad as predicted. Thankfully.

Today the air is heavy and I think we’re gonna get more rain, but I don’t think it’s gonna be stormy like it has been.

I’m ready for some more sunshine in my life. Good thing my beach trip is just one week away!!!

Sand. Sun. Surf. My holy trinity.

I can’t wait.


It’s gonna storm tonight and rain most of the week through the weekend. That doesn’t make moving stuff from one state to another very fun. (not that moving stuff is fun anyway)

The Mominator’s new bionic shoulder is still giving her trouble but she has more mobility now, which is good. The other good thing is, I got to go shopping for her yesterday. I love shopping.

While shopping for the Mominator yesterday, I found these. I would be the proud new owner of my very own Sock Monkey Slippers had they not all been sized to fit an Oompah Loompah. I WILL own a pair. Soon.Ruby, Kitty G and Chicken Nugget were very happy to see me yesterday. Clementine appears to have abandoned ship. Hopefully she’ll come back around before the storms hit. She does tend to be a wanderer…

I am going to the beach in 15 days and I can’t wait.

And now for your random pet pics…Ruby and Kitty G were yesterday’s subject. Chicken Nugget was being a diva so I didn’t get any shots of him…


I work on my tan. I should take advantage of the few remaining afternoons I have off before I rejoin the full timers. Also, I must get a good base tan going before the girls and I head to Orange Beach. I might also start to train my body for 4 days and 3 nights of overindulgence.

We have adopted the motto of “what happens in OB, stays in OB” (yeah, so we’ll be getting sued by Vegas any minute now) but I’m thinking that MAYBE I’ll offer a few sneak peeks into our 3 day attempt at completing all the 7 Deadly Sins…

oh yeah. Phil is my new hero.

This is me now:

This is where I wanna be:

Calgon El Jefe…take me awaaaaaaay! 🙂

You know I would rock that hat and a hammock. I know you know it…

It was 16 degrees this morning. That’s crazy cold. But at least we’re not buried under 2 feet plus of snow.

So I’d like to take a moment to give a hearty shout out to Punxsutawney Phil for predicting an early spring this year. You sir, are a king among rodents. Can we go ahead and start that early spring tomorrow?

a battle to the death and more…

It was an Eskimo Ninja battle of epic proportions that was fought without honor. Blood was shed. It was awesome!

Ruby actually embraced the snow after a while. She ran and hopped and played until she started shivering so much I was afraid she was gonna give herself brain damage.

We built forts that were pretty awesome. Double A (my niece) and I built snow bricks with a box and a plastic basket. Eventually Rader left the team of 4 boys to join us…and our fort rocked. The boys just packed snow over some plastic containers. Our snow fort was actually a fort, thankyouverymuch. Girls rock!

After the fort was built, we began to stockpile our ammunition.

While this was going on, the boys sent Ian over to “spy” on us.

There were no clear winners (hahahaha we kicked ass!) but a good time was had by all!

In other news, the sun is out today and the snow is already starting to melt. Thank goodness. I already feel the cabin fever eating away at my brain. (Mainly because I don’t have cable TV and daytime TV sucks!) Yes, I know, I should be more productive and do something like clean my house or finish laundry–but it’s a snow day! Who wants to work on a snow day?

Hope all of y’all are safe, happy and warm. Currently, I’m dreaming of a beach side hammock, a cocktail, and sexy cabana boy named El Jefe serving my every whim… 🙂

Vitamin D

So we spent yesterday at the lake with the fam. It was a great day. My brother played Captain and I played Goddess and the kids just played. I always feel amazing after a good dose of Vitamin D!

Here’s a pic that sums up the day pretty well.
No we’re not having any fun at all, are we?

Of course, being on the lake just makes me long for some beach time. It wasn’t far from this time last year that I was frolicking in the sand and surf, soaking up all the Vitamin D I could. I’m so ready to do that again. Maybe I can squeeze some time in this summer…if the oil doesn’t manage to ruin it for everyone.

Dear BP,
You suck.

If I could be anywhere right now, it would be the Florida Keys. I’m actually thinking about going this year for Christmas because I’ve never been. Who wants to join me? This place looks nice

the sun will come up

There’s something special about a sunrise. And there’s something even more special about a sunrise over the ocean.

I take a lot of things for granted in my life and spending time at the beach watching the sunrise every morning made me realize that it’s the little things matter the most.

My favorite sunrise was my last morning at the beach. I enjoyed it so much that I forgot to snap a picture as the bright sun peeked over the horizon. It was the first completely cloudless morning. There were no pinks, no grays, no purples. Only dark and light. And it was amazing. That sunrise will be forever burned into my memory.

So this is my last post about Florida. I know y’all are all probably sick of them by now anyway. I’m refilled and refreshed and even though I wish I could pick up and move there today, I know it’s not my time.

But I was made to be a beach bunny. And one day, I will make it so.