happy happy joy joy

Today is Earth Day. Plant a tree. Use a recycled bag for groceries. Start composting. Recycle your beer & wine bottles (I alone may save the world…)

Start a new habit that will help Mother Earth stay young and beautiful…

The Arkansas Earth Day Festival is tomorrow! Go forth and play fellow Arkansans!

This is going to be a fantastic weekend, fellow interneters. I can’t wait to get it started. Well, after tonight’s Nerdsplosion, that is. Heroscape + 3 nerds in my living room = me adding more bottles of wine to my recycle bin.

Speaking of wine…

My friend Laura…she must start feeding me if she’s going to make me drink wine with her. That. Is. All.
Smile! It’s Ren & Stimpy and the Happiness Helmet! Happy Happy Joy Joy!