WINE WEDNESDAY and other assorted important things

I don’t care what I have to do to make tonight happen, but yes…it is going to be Wine Wednesday whether you like it or not. And if you don’t like it, what are you doing reading my blog?

I started reading my friend Stacey Jay’s book, JULIET IMMORTAL. Wow. She hooked me on page 1. And not many books do that, y’all. Buy this book. Read it. Love it. And tell her about it.

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Go forth and do my bidding.

Guess what else I’m reading? Maria Geraci‘s newest manuscript A GIRL LIKE YOU. Yes, I’m that special. While you wait for this amazing read to hit the shelves you should go and pick up her other titles:




Make it so. Yesterday was her birthday, after all.

In writing news, I’ve added a few more paragraphs to my new book, I’ve pledged to write something everyday this month….Also, that really awesome boyfriend of mine helped me with science stuff again last night. I ♥ smart people. And n3rds.

Super Nerd is Super!

My kid is awesome. He also isn’t quite right in the head, but I love him anyway. Yes, he wore this to school today. These pants are his 2nd pair of “John Daly” pants. (see other pair below)He has to wear a tie on game days (football starts tonight, YAY!) and so he figures if he’s gotta wear a tie, he should wear it with “style.” Ahem. Well, he is his own person, that’s for sure…

In other news, I woke up full of anger and discontent this morning but after I fed on the souls of several babies, kicked a kitten*, and drank 4 cups of coffee, I felt much better.

Honestly, the souls of the innocent work every time. You should try it.

*ETA: no actual kittens were harmed in this mornings kicking… Don’t send me any hate mail because you have no sense of humor. Mmmkay?
Or send it…and then I’ll blog about it. Yeah. Do that.

happy happy joy joy

Today is Earth Day. Plant a tree. Use a recycled bag for groceries. Start composting. Recycle your beer & wine bottles (I alone may save the world…)

Start a new habit that will help Mother Earth stay young and beautiful…

The Arkansas Earth Day Festival is tomorrow! Go forth and play fellow Arkansans!

This is going to be a fantastic weekend, fellow interneters. I can’t wait to get it started. Well, after tonight’s Nerdsplosion, that is. Heroscape + 3 nerds in my living room = me adding more bottles of wine to my recycle bin.

Speaking of wine…

My friend Laura…she must start feeding me if she’s going to make me drink wine with her. That. Is. All.
Smile! It’s Ren & Stimpy and the Happiness Helmet! Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Get Me to the GEEK

Guys. GUYS! Are you watching Game of Thrones on HBO? If not, then you need to be. And if you don’t have HBO, now’s the time you suck it up and pay for it.

Wanna read the best recap of the show ever? My friend Stoney does a bang up job getting her Geek on with her D&D references, while throwing in some Ren and Stimpy love. (and really, who doesn’t want a Justice Log now?) This show is really fantastic if you’re a fantasy lover or a wanna be. (I’m a nerd, not a geek, but I’m totally working on my GeekCred by dating an UberGeek and by giving birth to an UberGeekWannaBe.)

There are also recaps other fabu stuff like Big Love, Southland, Batman: Year One, Robin: Year One and Snooki’s book. 🙂 Check out her site at Hey Don’t Judge Me! She’s +10 in Awesome.