save the tatas!

We’re big fans of breasts here at Mel-O-Drama and would like to see more of them in the future.

Tatas sometimes need support (I’m finding the older I get, the more support they need…) so right now, I’m asking you to help support the tatas by donating to my fund-raising effort. I’m doing the Race for the Cure here in Little Rock in a couple of weeks. Since I didn’t get to sign up until yesterday, I’ve set a goal of only $150 but I’d really like to raise $500…

Any little bit you can spare will help. Even $5. So please, support the ta-tas and support me. Go to my personal page, click the donate button, and give me all your money the money you would’ve spent on this morning’s latte.

a walk down mammary lane–I mean, memory lane.

RWA National Conference is this week. I swore I wasn’t going to be sad about not going–and part of me isn’t. I mean, I really have no legitimate business reason to be there this year. The workshops looked blah, the speakers didn’t seem inspiring (NO MICHAEL HAUGE!) and my book isn’t out until next year. Honestly, it would’ve just been one expensive party.

I love parties. I wanna be in SAN FRANCISCO!

So I chose my annual trip to the beach in August over National Conference this year. It wasn’t an easy choice, but being grown up isn’t very easy, now is it?

But here I am on the eve of my original reservation, crying in my caramel coffee.

2000 writers in one hotel brings such an amazing energy, that you can’t help leave inspired. I am going to miss that. I am going to miss my friends. Louisa and Kristen are already there. Marley is on her way. My agent, Deidre, flies out tomorrow…

Oh well, there’s no sense in wallowing in my sorrow. I’m really not a very good wallower anyway. I think I’ll look at the blogs I posted from last year, enjoy the memories and the tatas, and remember that next year in DC, it will be 100x better because Maria’s book BUNCO BABES TELL ALL, my book, BITE ME!, Louisa’s book CAN’T STAND THE HEAT and Marley’s book GHOST HUNTRESS: THE AWAKENING all debut next year…and it is going to be Rock Lobster AWESOME.

To enjoy memories and piccies from last year, please go here:

  1. Day the 1st: a shuttle ride with Eloisa James!
  2. Day the 2nd: in which a girl gets her nose pierced.
  3. Day the 3rd: wine with the lovely Barbara Samuel.
  4. Night the 3rd: who’s tits are these
  5. Day the 4th: drag queen karaoke and hangovers
  6. Conference wrap up

dudes. internet friends are awesome

Okay, so I’ve been friends with Robyn (aka Birdrunner) for a very long time. Like since 1994. She and Fishdog were pals in high school and Fishdog was in her wedding. It’s awesome. You should see his awesome hair from 1991.


I’ve also met her sister, Lee (aka Stinkydog) via the internet…and guess who I’m hanging out with right now?

Heeeeeeere’s Stinky!

oh mang. It’s bad. We’ve veen drinking margs since oh, I dunno about 5:14pm. I met Mel at 5:30 and she immediately pressed her breasteses against mine and we realized right away that she had the upper hand. Obvy, she has the superior brain (and boobs… says Mel–you be the judge). Her sons are territorial and will not let me get within 8-10 feet. Her husband has obvious envy against my superior margarita making skills. Her brother-in-law (my god bro, btw) has not showed up yet. We’re thinking about holding it against him.

I feel that all is equalized with tequila. Am I wrong?