be the spark(le)

Today’s Note from the Universe:

There are only 3 things that can make your dreams come true, Melissa: your thoughts, your words, and your actions.

Be the spark,
    The Universe

Thanks. I kinda needed that reminder.

Not only shall I be the Spark(le) today. But I think I shall also be bold.

Now go forth, and join me in the sparkle.


My friend Becky aka hellohahanarf posted a link to this site yesterday on her blog. I’ve spent a good deal of time today reading through the cards and marveling at the power of words.

We all know that words can be moving, touching, heart-wrenching, maddening, and powerful. Those of us who are writers, strive to evoke emotion from our readers. We want to touch them (and I’m not even being naughty when I say that). We want to affect them.

I’ll post a few of my favorites from Bone Sigh Arts here. But take some time and go look for yourself. Prepare to be affected.

her beauty
“i look at her and see beauty, and yet, she’s been told she’s not beautiful. I watch her and see love, and yet, she’s been told she’s not lovely. i want to shout to her “you are precious beyond words!” yet i know she can’t hear me. and so i won’t shout. i will just keep believing in her and reminding her. and wait for her to see it, to hear it, and to know it as deeply as i do.”

holding you close
“holding you close, my heart whispered to yours, i”ll help you thru this. i am with you. you are not alone.”

finger tip

“finger tip to finger tip, i long to reach out to you. to put the palm of my hand against your skin. i close my eyes and imagine you here. and i wait for your return.”

Which were your favorites? I’m seeing a few new posters or cards in my future…