And they’re off!

Friday, January 20, 2006 is a very special day.

It’s opening day at Oaklawn Park. And I’ll be there. As I have been for the past 5 years.

I’ve been in Oxford for six years now. Since 2001, I’ve been meeting my girlfriends at the horse races on opening day; then in March we go back again for my birthday.

I love the horse races. The animals are magnificant. Big, breathy beasts straining to finish first. Even the plow horses I wind up betting on half the time, finish with pride. (their jockeys? eh. not so much when they finish last)

Last year, the husband of one of my best girlfriends, rented us a car and driver so that we could all drink as much as we wanted. I asked DeeDee if we got lucky again this year, and she said, “Sadly, no. Not this year.” Well, apparently, Chris changed his mind…and he’s giving me my birthday early!Here’s our picture from last year. Aren’t we babes?

9 thoughts on “And they’re off!

  1. WOW! Wish I’d known you were heading to my neck of the woods, I’d have driven to Oaklawn to meet you. I’m only about 45 mins away, give or take! Hope you win big, girl!


  2. I did okay. We had a good time and I won two pretty big races. One daily double for about 22 bucks and another race for $54. And after buying food, drink, etc…I still had a little money in my pocket. Not too shabby.

    We’ll be back in March for my birthday and I can’t wait!


  3. Robin, I didn’t know you lived that close. My family is in Bryant and then we also have a place at Lake Ouachita. Next time I head that way, I’ll shoot you an email!


  4. I’m in West Little Rock…ugh….and last summer, went to Hot Springs EVERY weekend to take the kiddos to Magic Springs! Now THAT’s not fun any way you look at it!

    Glad you had fun. I actually worked at Louisiana Downs for several years back in the day, so I guess it’s in my blood….
    and they’re off! LOL


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