Ponderings on grass

Why is it that the grass in my front yard is a lovely shade of dead but the grass in my flowerbed is green and prospering?

It’s not because I’ve been watering my flowerbed. No. I’ve been a negligent little gardener this year. I’m getting better though. I spent three hours weeding and doing the pine straw thing last night.

Tonight, I’m going to finish the pine straw, plant some lantana, dead-head my roses (no, this does not mean I’m going to serenade them with Grateful Dead tunes…though, that could be a fun science experiment) and then water and feed my plants.

And then, I’m going to have to water my yard. Of course, y’all know what’s going to happen, don’t you? The grass in my yard will continue its downward spiral toward full death, while the grass in the flowerbed that I supposedly killed with poison and pulled will defy all odds and continue to flourish. Probably, it will turn mutant and take over the world.

Maybe X-Men IV could be about my mutant grass.

Or a whole new cartoon would spring forth: Teenage Mutant Ninja Grass

Or it could turn into the latest anime craze! Grassimon: The Mutant Evolution

I have to say the thought of seeing an anime blade of grass is a little frightening. I might just be onto something…

5 thoughts on “Ponderings on grass

  1. Look, all those other jokers PAY someone to get their lawns green. Do you want a green lawn or greenbacks? LOLSo glad the DH takes care of the outside. Sometimes allergies can be a blessing! LOL


  2. I was laughing my rear off as I read this because you just described my yard to a T! Of course, when you said you were going to water I thought you were going to say there would be a downpour of rain but your version is probably more accurate. :-)Good luck with the “science project”…let us know how it works out. 🙂


  3. Be glad you don’t leave in my gated community Mel where we got a note through the door from the HOA saying we had a couple of yellow spots on our lawn and would be please sort it out… Never mind the sprinker system which costs hundreds of dollars a month to run. I’m thinking green spray paint.


  4. Can I send you some of the rain (and excess grass from the yard) to you?Flower beds? Uhm, isn’t that where the dogs curl up and snooze in sunbeams? Yup. Need to curb that problem next. Happy gardening, Mel. Hope the roses enjoy the Grateful Dead. 😉


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