Love at first sight…

I’m not sure how that happened. These two idiots walked into my life 6 days ago and I fell in love. Seriously, I may as well have given birth to them, I love them so much.

Fishdog and I would adopt them if we could.

We also had the privilege of meeting the other coaches and hanging out with them. Karl, Becky, Ian (Nizzy if you’re nasty), and Stephen. It was an amazing week and I’m very sad to see it come to an end.

Guys, I know you’re reading this…keep in touch or I’ll hunt you down and guilt you to death. (and that means all of you)

BTW–I’m headed back to Lake Ouachita today for several days. Will blog again on Wednesday when I return.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with a couple of fond memories from the week.

2 thoughts on “Love at first sight…

  1. Lucy,

    They’re soccer coaches here with the “challenge soccer” group. They coach at soccer camps in various towns and while they are here, they stay with camp families.

    I can honestly say that I believe fate brought them to us. We were a perfect fit.


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