empty nest…

and momma bird don’t like it.

It’s too damn quiet! I got so used to having a house full of loud, obnoxious foreigners that I don’t know how to handle all this silence.

Especially since Ian is staying with his grandparents for the rest of the week. Sigh.

Speaking of Ian–how freaking handsome is he?

I guess Rader will have to just entertain himself with the Gameboy–or as I am now starting to call it–videocrack. Jesus. He just won’t put it down! Here’s a rare glimpse of the boy without the little blue addiction in his hands.

I heard from both Grant and Simon. It seems that the day they left me, they had separation anxiety and had to numb the pain on Beale St. (Hahahahahaha) I’m not sure exactly how much adult beverage was consumed, but I have it on good authority that it was quite a lot.

The lads are spending this week in two different necks of the woods. I’m not sure how they’ll handle being apart. I swear, they’re attached at the shoulder. But, I’m sure they’ll be fine.

The lake was absolutely beautiful and yesterday was the most perfect lake day EVER. It wasn’t too hot–it was actually overcast for a while. We swam and played all day–for more than 6 hours. We came home, ate and then well all fell asleep in the living room before dark. I got up and went to bed at 8 pm and left the rest of the gang where they lay.

Now we’re watching The World Cup. Actually, Mark is trying to fall asleep–you’d think he’d have gotten plenty of rest last night…oh well, he’ll just have excess energy later on…

I have several new blog readers thanks to the lads. Don’t be afraid to pop in a comment and say hello. And lads…that means yous too.

This picture is just for the lads:

5 thoughts on “empty nest…

  1. Great pictures! Rader looks real freakin happy to have Ian gone a week! They’re both handsome (don’t get the big head Mark!)!!


  2. man, i look good in that picture… so thoughtful, even. prolly just thinkin’ of yer boobs, tho.

    i’m always thinkin’ of yer boobs.


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