work again…work again

Sometimes I hate having an extra day or two off work because it just makes coming back that much more difficult.

I have a lot on my plate today and really need to get with it–but I have the attention span of a midge on crack right now, so I think I’ll blog again.

Hmmm. It seems all I’ve talked about lately are the lads. It’s probably time for me to move on, however, I’m not quite ready yet. I think Fishdog thinks I’ve lost my head, but he’s too smart a man to tell me that.

One thing that amazed me about the lads’ visit was their genuine joy or amazement in discovering something new.

Like getting bitten by a mosquito for the very first time. “Mum! I didn’t feel it land and then it stung me and now look!” And I look to see the familiar little swollen bump on Grant’s arm. Not five minutes later, Simon runs up, “Mum! Make it go away! It hurts!” and sure enough, there’s that familiar red bump on his leg.

They were amazed.

But when we took them by the Ole Miss football stadium that’s when I saw true joy and amazement. Their professional soccer stadiums aren’t half as nice as our mediocre (but wealthy) college football stadiums. Hell, Ole Miss’ practice field is nicer than the pitch their national teams play on.

And they both kept saying: “All this for just 5 games a year?”

Yeah. And honestly, isn’t that a little sad?

Americans are a spoiled lot. I’ve known this all along, but sometimes it takes something so small as the comparison of stadiums to remind me.

It’s cloudy here today–which is good, we really need the rain. Of course, the grass in my yard is brown and ugly again; but the grass in my flowerbed is flourishing. AGAIN.

I have been thinking about my story a lot lately. I’ve been on a dry spell with writing–this happens sometimes–but I’ve never let the story go too far away from my head. It’s time to hit the keyboard running again. I miss my British thief…and since I also miss Simon and Grant…I can just use them as inspiration….if only I understood half of what they said.

Nine times out of ten, this is what I heard: “Humina-humina-humina, bonny lassie.” or “Humina -humina-humina, Mum.”

I bet I can use that in my book though…

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