Last night, Rader and I made three batches of brownies. We’re mailing two batches to the lads in Nebraska and we kept one for ourselves.

He was very excited about cooking. He read the directions on the back of the box and gathered the ingredients.

Rader: 1/3 cup of water and 1/3 cup of oil and 1 egg.
Me: Very good. Now, if we’re making three boxes how much oil and water do we need.
Rader: Three thirds.
Me: Right. But, is that really a measurement we use? What does three thirds cups equal.

He thought about it for a second then smiled.

Rader: That’s one cup!
Me: Excellent!

He was proud he figured that out…as he should be. Then he got to the most important part of baking…

Rader: Mom? Can I wear an apron?

Of course you can!

I tried to get Ian involved. Hell, it was his idea to cook the lads brownies in the first place…but he was too busy on the computer chatting with his girlfriend. I guess he has his priorities…

7 thoughts on “chef-boy

  1. I love when you post pictures of that kid. Rader is a heartbreaker. And I suggest you keep this naked chef picture handy for its future embarrassment potential…


  2. Mel,

    Rader is a cute little guy.

    Louisa, may have something…perhaps Rader could be the next Jamie Oliver aka The Naked Chef. 🙂



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