welcome to the family

This is Ginger. (formerly known as Shelby)

Ginger was surrendered to the Humane Society several weeks ago by her owner. We have adopted her. We have renamed her. We like her a lot.

Now, if only we could get Hector (the cat and supreme ruler), Pete (the fuzzy and supreme dumbass), and Charlie (the houndog and supreme slothlike creature) on board with the whole “liking her” thing.

I guess it will happen in due time.

11 thoughts on “welcome to the family

  1. Ooooh. What a pretty girl. Mel…is this the only other female besides you? Wow. How have you been able to handle that? It’s not that I don’t love my guys. I totally do. I just need a little companionable estrogen from time to time.Purrrrrrrrrr…..=^..^=


  2. Gina–yes, I am no longer the only one with estrogen in our household. Of course, I’ve kinda liked it that way…however, it’s time for a change.Maureen–Hector is NOT the easy to convince type. But they’ll sort it out. Ginger is pretty nonplussed when it comes to Hector…however when it comes to the dogs, lets just say, we may have our hands full.


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