it’s friday, i’m in love….

Nothing like The Cure to end the week right

What’s going on with everyone? Any news you wanna share?

This is gonna be a busy weekend. We’re hosting a couples baby shower tomorrow afternoon, plus My Little Piggies are playing Tennessee tomorrow at 6:00…which kinda sux because the shower is from 4-7. I hope the couples will understand when Fishdog and I keep leaving the room to check out the score…

Speaking of the Razorbacks…you can help a Razorback win The Heisman:

Vote for Darren McFadden
. Woo Pig Sooie!

I wanted to be witty in today’s post…but I just don’t seem to have any wit left. I think I lost all my wit in a werewolf fight.

So, entertain me. Enlighten me. Educate me.

Talk to me. Tell me what’s going on…

And go vote for Darren McFadden.

12 thoughts on “it’s friday, i’m in love….

  1. Friday night the Katy (Texas) Tigers have a chance to go undefeated for the year and head into the 5A high school playoffs with their eye on the state championship (lost in state finals last year.) I’ll be posting the play-by-play from our hotel room in Singapore. Gotta love Internet radio! Check out the broadcast at and look for the Katy-Mayde Creek game under the Houston area games.


  2. Yes, I would just like to share that I *did not* kill my lazy-ass, no-good whining colleague this week, although I came very, very close to it! Next week will be the real test. Tune in then.;-)PS. Lillian, you rock!


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