warning…sentimental moment ahead

My eldest son is 12.

He was born almost 4 weeks early and weighed a mere 5lbs 6oz. We lovingly called him the tree frog for the first year of his life.

Tonight, Fishdog took him to buy shoes. He’s wearing a size 10.

a 1o!

Fishdog wears a 10 1/2 and his twelve year old son is in a 10????

Where did my baby go?

Now, don’t get me wrong…I don’t want another baby. I’d rather eat glass than be pregnant again. Or breast feed. Or change another diaper. Yeah, I was not one of those “I love pregnancy” women. (personally, I think those women have been brainwashed by aliens…but that’s another blog) And age and gravity are doing a fantastic job of ruining my breasts on their own without the assistance of a greedy mouth tugging them downward at an even greater rate of speed. And changing one or two diapers a year is fine…but if I did that with my own kid, I think I would get into a little trouble.

More often than not, I’m ready to pass go, collect my $200, and skip adolscence completely.

But I have to say, seeing my son in a size 1o shoe broke my heart a little. Sniff. He’s not my little tree frog anymore. Well, he is–he’s my tree frog with canoes for feet.

5 thoughts on “warning…sentimental moment ahead

  1. Just wait till he’s standing at the altar waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle. All you can think about is “where did the time go?”

    And an update: after a 3 hour rain delay, my Tigers prevailed 42-0. Undefeated 10-0!!!


  2. He’s a real cutie, too! Sometimes I see a little baby and go, “aww!” I want one!

    Then my husband slaps me and I thank him.

    I breastfed for 1.5 years and let’s just say now I have to move my boobs to the side if I want to see my bellybutton.

    Plus, that no drinking thing for nearly 2 years practically killed me.


  3. Aww…it’s the little things that get you. (or rather the big things). My daughter’s 11 and has already outgrown my shoes — long narrow feet that make me think “where did you COME from?”

    He sure is a handsome kid, Mel!


  4. You wait till they all get taller than you and pat you on the head and eat everything in the house. With 3 teenage boys I’m at the stage when I’m just dying for one of them to go to college!


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