the meeting…

Well, I went to the citizens’ meeting last night. I really had high hopes (I know, silly me) of hearing from the County Supervisors as to their reasoning for their choice…or lack thereof.

Surprise, surprise.

Not one supervisor spoke. Nope. Only two of the five were there, standing in the very back hoping to be incognito…and they were until one of the constituents called him out. That was a pretty funny moment, actually.

One of the non-elected county officals spoke and tried to help us understand their reasoning. He said he believes they asked for more time because the voters voted down the first attempt a year ago.

Um. NOT the same thing. The first attempt was a 9.5 million dollar complex with a 4 mil increase for 20 years. Now, I voted for it, but many didn’t because county property taxes had just gone up. And frankly, if they had known it was THIS OR NOTHING I guarantee you, the outcome woulda been different.

The new initiative is taking 150K from the current budget and it is NOT raising anyone’s taxes.



And that’s when I spoke up. I told him they were two different things and that people felt like the supervisors went into the meeting with their minds already made up and they were using the former inititave as an excuse.

Seems like everyone agreed. Lots of “Yeahs” and “That’s right”. Maybe even an “amen” or two. Almost like church.

Speaking of church…I was beginning to be proud of the room for sticking to the issues and not bringing God into it, when someone finally broke the ice. Now, I’m not against prayer and church and God, etc…but come on folks, this is a city/county meeting over a Sportscomplex. I really think God has more important things on her plate right now than worrying about Lafayette county ball fields. But we did get a few “Y’all is in my prayers.” and “I try to be Godly in my decisions, the supervisors should try that, too.” But that was toward the end of the meeting. Small towns, gotta love them.

My favorite quote of the night was: “The people who ain’t for this are gonna be the first people to complain when the kids are doing drug cuz they ain’t got nothin’ better to do.”


“When you’re pointin’ fingras (fingers) you might wanna take a second to look at the three fingras pointin’ right back at you.”

I knew nothing would be solved last night, but I really wanted the Supervisors to hear from their constituents. And the two who showed up, did. As they hid in the back and didn’t step forward to explain themselves, I have to wonder, did they LISTEN and LEARN?

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