i’m (locally) famous!

Okay, so I told you guys about the local bru-ha-ha surrounding the sports complex and the county supervisors not ponying up the cash (which is only $150K a year for 20 years). Well, today, I was quoted in the local paper.


Parental concerns

Melissa Francis lives in the city limits so her children will continue to participate in OPC activities, but her two boys will have to face losing some of their teammates. Francis, who is a volunteer with the OPC, has also been vocal about the situation, commenting on Ward 6 Alderman Jon Fisher’s blog.

“The whole thing should’ve been a no brainer on the part of the county supervisors. Sadly, now all the kids will suffer. This is a community issue people. Not a city vs. county issue,” Francis wrote.

“It’s truly sad that the aldermen were put into such a tough position, but I support their decision. It just breaks my heart to know that so many kids won’t get to participate in January. This could’ve been avoided and I honestly hope the supervisors will remember who they really work for and make this right before there is a fracture in this community that is too big to repair.”

Like other parents, one of Francis’ biggest concerns is what this is going to do to the programming of activities in OPC and the remaining kids.

And my friend Andrea (with her last name spelled incorrectly) was quoted just below me…

Andrea Jekobsons said the decision is holding the kids “hostage.”

“It is not fair because my kids go to the city schools and my 6-year-old son will be in classes with the kids who are able to play,” Jekobsons said. “How do you tell a 6-year-old they can’t play soccer with his friends any more?”

Okay, so there’ s a citizens’ meeting tomorrow about this whole thing, and you couldn’t keep me away. Andrea suggested that I print my quote into a big bubble on a stick and carry it with me as I go. I don’t think that’ll be necessary. I have no problems expressing my opinions verbally.

I just have to sensor my language so people will actually LISTEN to what I say. Anyone who is attending, when I’m taking a deep breath, just insert the words “You Assholes” or “you bass-akwards rejects” and you’ll be in my head.

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