blast from the past

Back in October, I blogged about having lunch with an old friend of mine from High School. In that post, I told the story of how we spent part of our 9th grade year as enemies, fighting over a boy. In that blog post, I named names.

You take a chance when you name someone in a blog, because people google themselves or their friends/family google them. And you have to decide if this is someone you possibly want to reconnect with or not. I had no problem reconnecting with Denton, so on the off chance he might find me, I named him.

Denton and I stayed pals throughout high school, even after he moved away from Bryant to Searcy. He joined the Marine Corps and we still stayed in touch. The last time I saw Denton was 10 years ago at our 10 year high school reunion.

If you haven’t figured out where this post is going, then you’re too slow to be reading my blog. Go away.

Anyway, Denton contacted me the other day. We emailed and chatted on the phone and I figure we’ll meet for lunch sometime soon.

Little known facts about the 9th grade love affair between Melissa McKenzie and Denton McDonald.

  1. Denton gave me my first hickey.
  2. He was the boy I made out with in the sheep barn at the state fair. (which is where #1 occurred) It’s been 23 years and I still think of him when I see any state fair commercial.
  3. We had school pictures the next day and I had to do my very best to hide my hickey. I still have that awful picture, which will NEVER be posted. Maybe. We’ll see. My hair was so bad…and I was wearing a mauve sweater.
  4. We had 2 songs (don’t ask me why I remember this) True, by Spandau Ballet and Islands in a Stream by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton (no, I am not making that up.)
  5. When I first fell for him, he had an afro. It was a perm, but I didn’t care, cuz to my little 14 year old heart, it was sexxxy. I have a picture still, somewhere. If I can get him to agree to it, I’m so gonna post it.
  6. He was the only boy I ever wore one of those split heart necklaces with and when we broke up, I threw my heart at him. Sooo dramatic. (like the one pictured, only it said something poignant like, together we are one...)
  7. Our senior year, we fooled around again, but never really dated again.
  8. He was really the only boyfriend I had during all of high school. I dated some, but never really did the whole “relationship” thing. Probably the smartest thing I ever did…

There you go. Little known facts that probably could’ve stayed swept under the rug.

In honor of this nostalgic moment, I give you: Spandau Ballet

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