fast times at awesome high and a rant

I watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High last night for the first time in forever. God that movie is teh awesome.

Ian sat and watched it with me for a while. He laughed a lot, which I think surprised him. He made a comment about “Old people being weird.” which was totally directed at me since I was quoting the movie and laughing until I snorted. I was really curious to see how Ian would react to the boob scenes, but he gave up on the movie before Jennifer Jason Leigh and Phoebe Cates disrobed. Not that he has seen boob scenes before. But he hasn’t really seen them in the context of characters around his age.

Anyway, it was fun to watch and laugh with my kid. He’ll probably watch it without me now. God knows he doesn’t want me to think he likes something I suggested he watch. *rolling eyes* After I told him he missed the boob action, he’ll totally watch.
And now onto the rant:
Can anyone explain to me how it is that greasy-headed Lisa is still on this show? How on earth did Dale get sent home before that Hot Mess of a chef? I mean, has she ever NOT been in the bottom three? Why is she still there? Her attitude sux. She is a whiner and a crybaby and the most negative person on earth. Plus, she can’t freaking cook!

I have decided that Lisa and her Hot Mess Hair and the Karate Kid from The Bachelorette need to hook up so they can produce a litter of Hot Mess Hair babies…

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