[insert clever title]

Not feeling the title love this morning. Feel free to title this particular post whatever you wish. You can even leave your suggestion in the comments. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even listen.

Yesterday was a very long day for my #2 son, Rader. Camp in the morning, in 90 degree heat, 90% humidity and not a cloud in the sky. But he’s loving camp this year. He came home and rested, then had two 3v3 games last night. I thought he would do that instead of going to camp…but no, he wanted to do both. So he played his two 30 minute games, then asked to go back out to camp. What a trooper!

Fishdog says he looked like warmed over death this morning. I’m sure all this activity is wearing on him, but it’s good for him.

One of the coaches calls him “Oakland” now. That cracks me up because one of the questions we often got after Rader was born was “So, you must really be an Oakland fan?” Um. No. Spelled different, but thanks for asking.

The other question we often got: “You must’ve really liked M*A*S*H.”


No. His name is not Radar. Besides, if I were gonna name a kid after a M*A*S*H character, it would’ve been Hawkeye. Sheesh.

I’ve been lax with my picture taking this round. I will recitfy that tonight. We took some pics at the cookout on Monday, and I’ll be sure to take some at tonight’s gathering. There’s a scrimmage between the Brits and the Americans on Friday…I’ll definitely get pictures that night!

I know y’all are getting tired of me keeping the lads to myself…which is no hardship let me tell ya.

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