a Mel-O-Jumble

So, I challenged some Divas to help me out this morning because I’m braindead and was having a hard time with a blog-topic. I asked them to shout out random words and I would create a blog from them.

Of course, Kristen Painter was the first to volunteer. She’s funny, that Kristen.

Her suggestion?
fig newtons

Well, let me tell ya, I can blog all day about the ooey yuckiness that is Fig Newton. (not a fan of the fig…but the Apple? Yum.)

Did you know that Fig Newton is a brand name? It’s trademarked by Nabisco. But, Fig Newton has become a bit like Kleenex. Yes it’s a brand name, but it has become the everyday word for ‘fig bar’ here in America.

Another bit of Fig Newton trivia: Paul Newman has a product called Fig Newmans. I found an interview with his daughter that explains how he convinced Nabisco to allow him to use the name:

Q: How did you ever convince Nabisco, the original owner of Fig Newtons, to let you use the name “Fig Newmans” for your fig bars?

A: My dad wrote a very sweet, short letter to the president of Nabisco that said, “My daughter’s got a great idea for a product. Could we sit down and talk about a small royalty deal? All the profits will go to charity.” And the guy just sent back a letter that said, “Dear Paul, I love what you’re doing, we’ll just say it’s a dollar a year, and I’d love to sit down and have a beer with you.” The legal department of Nabisco had a fit, but there was nothing they could do.

That’s good info, aye?

Another Diva, Vivienne Westlake, added stargaze lillies and hells bells to the list.

That’s an easy one:

Hell’s Bells! Stargazer lillies are beautiful, but their frangrance gives me a headache every time!


And that brings us to the end of today’s Mel-O-Jumble.

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