hm. very interesting.

So, I was looking for something to blog about this morning. I’ll admit the blogging fodder has been a little lacking lately. I haven’t been inspired. Mainly because all I want to do is sleep. It’s the changing seasons, I’m sure. The weather is cool, the windows are open, the bed is calling.

I decided to go back and see what I was blogging about this time last year and the year before…you know, to see if my well of inspiration would fill back up. I discovered something about myself during my trip to past blogs…I am a cyclical dieter and exerciser.

Last week I jumped back onto the health wagon. I had done so well in the spring, but over the summer, I let it go. I stopped exercising, stopped eating right, stopped everything.

Guess what? According to my previous October blogs, every year at this time, I start back on program.

You know what else I found out? Remember the spider in my mailbox a few weeks ago? Well in Oxford in 2006, the very same thing happened to me, only it was a black freaking widow. I had blocked that memory until I reread my blog. Sigh.

This makes me wonder…do we just repeat ourselves year in and year out? Is life just one big cycle of events that we relive at different times in our lives? Or do I just blog about the same things because I have no imagination?

What do you think?

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