As of 8:05 AM, I am 40 years old. (Technically I started celebrating the DAY OF MEL! at midnight. Gotta eek out as much of the BEST DAY EVER as possible) Plus that’s when I started getting text messages and phone calls. I have seriously surrounded myself with some of the best people in the world. I love you guys.

And I really love that y’all have embraced, the DAY OF MEL!, on this 14th day of the MONTH OF MEL!, which is tucked snugly inside the YEAR OF MEL! with verve and gusto! (don’t you just love the word verve? We should use it more often.)

As a matter of fact, we SHALL use it more often. I command that today every one is to use the word VERVE at least 3 times.

Report back and let me know how that went…

Love y’all! And Maria Geraci, you naughty little minx. I’m so glad I got to pop your blog-stealing cherry. I’m such a bad influence. And I like it like that.

Enjoy your DAY OF MEL! I plan to. I’ve finally let Matt back into my bed again…so we’re going to be a little busy today… And under the cut…check out what Matt Damon’s bday present to me REALLY is…

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