drag queens + karaoke = win #rwa09

You can view the whole album here. I must warn you, some pics are not pretty. Most–are well worth looking at.

So after the literacy signing on Wednesday night (I’ll post those pics later, I just figured we should start off with a bang here) a group of Romance Divas decided to hit the drag (bar) like we did in Dallas a couple years ago.

We hit the jackpot when we found Remington’s. Seriously, this place was dream come true for us Divas. They welcomed us women with open arms. And we accepted their welcome gleefully. Here, let me show you:

Lisa and I got pulled up on stage to dance back up….
Chelsea is our other backup dancer…
took this one with my cell phone. She was my favorite!

After the show we trounced upstairs and took over. A couple of regulars (who could really actually sing) didn’t seem to appreciate our version of karaoke. You know what version I’m talking about right? The ‘I can’t really sing but who gives a rat’s ass because this is fun’ version. Pictures…let me show you them.

Vivienne Westlake owning the mic
Me and Christina “singing” I’LL THINK OF A REASON LATER (though, truth be told, we already have our reasons…)
and me and Jen “singing” COPACABANA. Yes, we put on quite the show…
I think I was a mic hog which is honestly, quite unfortunate.

A good time was had by all. My fave part of the night (besides being molested by a Drag Queen) was when the New Yorker (Jen) busted out the cabbie for going way out of his way to get us to our destination. She pulled out her iPhone map and he nearly died. He said, “Sometimes the cheapest way isn’t always the best way.” Uh huh. Tell that to someone who doesn’t live in Manhattan buddy.

More pics soon….

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