#RWA13 I miss y’all!

Here are some pics of the Ghosts of RWA Conferences Past. Me and Maria Geraci in order: Dallas 04, Atlanta 06, Dallas 07

Mel_Maria Dallas

Mel_Maria.ATL 06


Then here’s a pic of us in Orlando: 09 (this is actually the RT convention.)

RT09RWA was in DC in 09 and I was there, too. Here’s a link to the most awesome night ever…. Drag Queen Karaoke

I can’t find a picture of me and Maria together in DC. I know there is one…but, this will have to do as a substitute:

DC 09I miss my people! I vow to attend next year, no matter what. (she says, hoping that her empty wallet and dry writing well will fill up soon…)

In Compound Bootcamp Bootyville news, I rested last night. Will be doing major lower body damage to myself this evening. It will be painful and tomorrow I will be using a walker. With hot pink tennis balls for feet.

To all my friends in Atlanta, I miss you. I’m thinking about you. And if you do Drag Queen Karaoke night…PLEASE SEND ME ALL THE PICTURES! Also, good luck to you, my dear friend Maria! Bring home that RITA and make momma proud!

Oh. My. God. Becky.

Look at her butt!

It’s like, so big!

yeah, I heard BABY GOT BACK on the radio this morning and I’ve been jammin’ ever since. It’s totally today’s theme song…

Here I am in 2010 doing karaoke to BABY GOT BACK with a couple of my writer friends at the RWA Conference in Orlando. Apparently there is a video out there somewhere…thankfully, I don’t know the location…

Also saw this today and it made me LOLOLOL

to all my friends in Florida, stay safe…and “Outta Sight!”

Have a great weekend! Stay sexy and sparkle on!

quit being so nosy

Found a ceramic nose in El Jefe’s driveway this weekend. Bet you can’t beat that story!

Also, apparently my 13 year old son was a big hit at Rick Astley and Weird Al karaoke on Saturday. I’m sad I missed it live but luckily fishdog recorded it for a lifetime of awesome. If you’re my FB friend, it’s posted there. Go forth and enjoy NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP in its teenaged cracking voice glory. It is a wonder to behold.
I had a good weekend. And did I mention I found a nose?

buttermilk biscuits…

So yesterday on the way to school, one of the local radio stations was talking about old school rap and some of their favorite songs.

The boys were enjoying this topic, because “old people are funny” and “that’s not rap, that’s crap” and “omg I’m so glad I wasn’t alive back then” blah blah blah.

Anyone care to explain that if our ‘crap rap’ was so crappy, then why did they spend the entire day singing Buttermilk Biscuits? (which really was pretty crappy…but funny as hell)

To honor Sir Mix a Lot, here’s a few pics that had been buried from this summer…when I did karaoke with a couple of girlfriends at this year’s RWA Conference. Oh yeah. Baby Got Back.

Baby Got Back all right. Probably because baby really likes buttermilk biscuits. And bacon. Mmmmmmmm. Bacon.

There is video of said performance but it has been placed in a vault, sealed in concrete and buried beneath the ocean.

BABY GOT BACK! and Front! and Books!

Last night was chocolate covered awesome!

First off, I signed books at the Literacy Signing. And while I was doing that, I met my new favorite person: Helen.
Isn’t she adorable? And she’s fun, too. I told her she was going to be made famous in my blog today, so here I go making her famous. Helen was sent to me by a regular reader of my blog (HI LESLEE!) I can’t tell you how excited that made me! I was like a goofy little girl, all giddy and stuff. I channeled Sally Fields for a moment last night, “You like me? You really like me!”

Here I am at my little spot:Keep all cleavage remarks to yourself. I’m pretty sure I heard them all last night. DANGER: CURVES AHEAD!

After the signing, Maria Geraci’s family adopted me and we ate dinner at a fabulous Italian restaurant in the Swan. Our waiter was Fabiano and he was Fabuloso! (ok, true story here: We were discussing how I’m 41 years old and in all my many years, I never knew the Dolphin was both a fish and a mammal. And the Dolphin hotel is named for the fish not the mammal! I couldn’t figure out why the Swan had pretty swans everywhere and our hotel just had that weird looking fish!) Anyway Fabiano became my most favorite ever because he said “If it makes you feel better, you don’t look even close to 41. I would have guessed 31.” Ahhhh Fabiano! You just earned yourself an extra 10 spot in your tip!

After dinner, Maria and I joined the Divas for some Karaoke. There are pictures of me, Keri Ford and Amanda Berry doing a damn fine job of Baby Got Back–unfortunately I can’t find my camera cord this morning so you’re just gonna have to wait.

Trust me, they will be worth the wait….Thankfully, there is no video evidence. *she says as she runs off to check you tube just in case*

drag queens + karaoke = win #rwa09

You can view the whole album here. I must warn you, some pics are not pretty. Most–are well worth looking at.

So after the literacy signing on Wednesday night (I’ll post those pics later, I just figured we should start off with a bang here) a group of Romance Divas decided to hit the drag (bar) like we did in Dallas a couple years ago.

We hit the jackpot when we found Remington’s. Seriously, this place was dream come true for us Divas. They welcomed us women with open arms. And we accepted their welcome gleefully. Here, let me show you:

Lisa and I got pulled up on stage to dance back up….
Chelsea is our other backup dancer…
took this one with my cell phone. She was my favorite!

After the show we trounced upstairs and took over. A couple of regulars (who could really actually sing) didn’t seem to appreciate our version of karaoke. You know what version I’m talking about right? The ‘I can’t really sing but who gives a rat’s ass because this is fun’ version. Pictures…let me show you them.

Vivienne Westlake owning the mic
Me and Christina “singing” I’LL THINK OF A REASON LATER (though, truth be told, we already have our reasons…)
and me and Jen “singing” COPACABANA. Yes, we put on quite the show…
I think I was a mic hog which is honestly, quite unfortunate.

A good time was had by all. My fave part of the night (besides being molested by a Drag Queen) was when the New Yorker (Jen) busted out the cabbie for going way out of his way to get us to our destination. She pulled out her iPhone map and he nearly died. He said, “Sometimes the cheapest way isn’t always the best way.” Uh huh. Tell that to someone who doesn’t live in Manhattan buddy.

More pics soon….