ooooh that smell! can’t you smell that smell?

Just for funsies, here is a list of fragrances and flavors that I really don’t like:

  • Amaretto: this stems from a bad experience in college. Amaretto sours should be banned from existence.
  • Hazelnut: Never have been a fan of the flavor or the fragrance; not really sure why. I will tell you that there is a holiday potpurri that is hazelnut fragranced and it makes my stomach turn. *shudder*
  • Plumeria fragrance from Bath and Body Works: This stems from when I was a store manager back in the 90s. I was used to the overwhelming scent of all the blended fragrances in the store. Then I got pregnant. Overall, the fragrances didn’t bother me, until one day these two women came into the store and tried every damn plumeria scented product. Even the air freshner. I had to excuse myself and go throw up.
  • The perfume Tresor: When I was in my early 20s, I worked in a very small office for a local auctioneer. It was me and one other lady. Everyday, Judy would come in smelling like she had showered in Tresor. The 1st thing she would do when she sat down was pull out her Tresor scented lotion and lather up. She did the same thing after lunch. I asked her nicely one day to please stop using the lotion and she got very angry with me and told me to deal with it. I did–I quit the next day. I had a friend who used to wear Tresor and I had to ask her not to on the days we hung out together.
  • Nut flavored beers: I love a good stout, a yummy pale ale or IPA but if it’s nut flavored it makes my tongue curl. And it gives me a headache.
  • Catfish: Yes, it’s true. I’m the only southern girl in the world who doesn’t like catfish.
  • Venison: I know many of you are reading this and saying to themselves: “You just think you don’t like venison because you ain’t never had it fixed right for ya.” I can assure you, you’re not the only person to say that. Even my grandmother tried to fool me once. Trust me–I don’t like it.
  • The air freshener fragrance they use at the West Little Rock Bed, Bath, and Beyond: Holy crap it smells like a blend of medicine and Plumeria. I have to breathe through my shirt when I’m in that store…which is why I no longer shop there.

Is there anything you’re really sensitive to?

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