and then she rested

What a busy weekend! Holy Spamoli!

Okay, first was Friday night’s party…which was a huge success and totally fun! I didn’t want the night to end however, responsiblity called and reminded me that I had a very busy day ahead of me on Saturday. So even though I played at being a Naughty School Girl–I am still a good girl at heart and I went home. (by myself, heh)

Saturday started off watching the Razorback game with my pal (and Alabama fan) Marley Gibson. Then the fabulous Linda Gerber joined us. After that farce of a game (can NOT even talk about it) we drove over to North Little Rock to meet Stacey Jay and her cutie-patootie hubby and Rosemary Clement-Moore for some appetizers.

from left to right: Me, Rosemary, Linda, Marley, Stacey (Not pictured: Chloe Neill)

Then we had the book signing at Books-A-Million. It went pretty well considering we were competing with the Miley-freaking-Cyrus concert. Lots of great costumes, fun trivia questions, and tasty treats. Met Chloe Neill for the first time. Totally awesome chick.

While there, I found out that BITE ME! has been chosen for the Books-A-Million Twilight Book Club! Look! Not only do I get great placement, but I get a sticker, too!

Sunday, Marley and Me (hehehee) went out for a very lovely and inexpensive brunch before I took her to the airport. We had a great time and was so good to see her again.

Now it’s back to the normalcy of laundry, house cleaning, cooking, and homework. Hmmm. I like the busy weekends better.

Hope y’all had a good one. Anything you wanna share?

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