proof I did not get D-hall yesterday

Bryant High School wasn’t a small school when I graduated 20+ a few years ago. I mean, my class had 300 people in it, so you can’t call it ‘small.’ BUT compared to the Bryant of today, it’s damn near microscopic.

I met with the students in the North Library, I believe. Yes, they’re so big now, they have a North and South Library (though yesterday was the final day for that building to be a library…it was being turned into a band room) The North Library used to be my Middle School library. I swear the campus is kinda like the Blob and is slowly taking over the world one patch of dirt at a time. You students better be careful or it’ll get you, too!

Walking into the building gave me major flashbacks. Nothing bad, I rather enjoyed high school overall. I mean, we all had our bad experiences, but I can’t say that high school was a terrible place. Maybe I’ll tell you some of my favorite high school stories later…the good and the bad.

Anyway…Everyone was wonderful and so welcoming. I was treated like a celebrity…and let’s face it, that’s how it should be. I mean, c’mon! I’m MEL! I signed books and took pics and had a jolly good time.

And then they wanted me to talk. I’m not really sure why because what do I have to say? But I dug deep and I found subjects (thanks to the many brilliant questions my rapt audience asked me).

My Western Civ teacher, Mr. Cole came to see me. I love that man. he was one of my favorite teachers of all time. I climbed up in my attic today to see if I could find my picture of the two of us together my senior year, but I couldn’t find it. I know I have it around here some where but I’ll have to post it later. Anyway, here I am with Mr. Cole today. Kinda wish I’d have crossed my legs for ya. Sorry ’bout that.

Not the greatest pic but I know there are better ones out there and when they get sent to me, I’ll post.

This was really an amazing experience for me and I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks so much to Marcia Schiffl and Jill Martin for putting this together and inviting me. And a big fat double thank you to the students who showed up and pretended to be interested in what I had to say. THAT was the most awesome thing EVER.

BTW, like the true person with oppositional defiant disorder, I chewed gum the entire time because I just had to stick it to the man for making that stupid rule back in the day…because I know at least 1 of my 5 weeks of D-hall my senior year was due to gum chewing. LOL

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