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First of all, I’m very disappointed in the Top Chef finale. Not surprised–disappointed. The judges have had a Chef-mance with Michael V from the beginning and they really wanted to have it be brother vs brother in the finale so Kevin didn’t have a shot. IMO, Kevin was the most consistent chef. And frankly, I would’ve eaten EVERYTHING he cooked.

I liked the V brothers alot. I adored Bryan. I thought Michael had great vision and talent, and normally I’m all about cocky, but he was usually more cock than cocky. He needed to be knocked down a peg. I will say I laughed out loud and snorted when Tom asked him why he should be Top Chef and he said, “I just don’t want Bryan to win.” THAT was funny.

I felt like the finale should be between Kevin and Michael. I would’ve preferred Bryan, but he seems to underseason quite often. I’m not even sure why they bothered bringing Kevin to the final 3 because they knew it would be Bro vs. Bro in the end. Poor Kevin. I adored him. And he can cook for many ANYTIME.

I love this show but last night, I was screaming at the TV. (I do this when the writers make the characters do something TSTL)

So, there’s a dude with a knife in your house. He goes after your boyfriend and you try to escape. You run to the front door which is locked. What do you do next? As your boyfriend is being stabbed to death, of course you run upstairs instead of trying to just UNLOCK THE FREAKING DOOR AND RUN OUTSIDE. right?

WTF? seriously. I know the chick needed to die, but honestly, did the writers have to make her so stupid that she deserved to die from being brain dead? Unbelievable.

As she ran upstairs I just started screaming. “WTF are you running upstairs for? And why are you just standing there watching your boyfriend die? If you’re gonna run upstairs, shouldn’t you at least try to lock yourself in a room and dial 911? You deserve to die, dumbass.”

My oldest kid was laughing so hard at me. “Mom, they can’t hear you.”

“Clearly. If she could hear me, she’d be outside by now.”

TSTL. The writer who wrote that scene should be shot. Or chased upstairs by a knife weilding lunatic.

and for your dose of naughty, naughty, Christmas fivolity…I give you Lady GaGa’s Christmas Tree. “Light me up, put me on top…Let’s FaLaLaLaLa…”

You’re welcome.

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