10 things I learned at the Liberty Bowl

So the Arkansas Razorbacks played in the Liberty Bowl this weekend and I was one of the 62,000 fools who attended.

It was farking cold.

Here are a list of things I learned from our trip this weekend:

  1. Bud Light with Lime tastes like Kool-Aid.
  2. If you drink a few Bud Light with Limes while traveling to Memphis, you will have to stop to pee 5 times.
  3. There are NOT ENOUGH LAYERS IN THE WORLD to keep you warm when the wind chill is -100.
  4. You will stop partaking in adult beverages after you use the port-o-potty.
  5. If you’re walking to the port-o-potties and every person along the way warns you away from potty #3–you listen.
  6. It’s okay to leave the game early.
  7. Sometimes GPS systems are stupid.
  8. Nothing brings white boys to the dance floor faster than Vanilla Ice.
  9. Guys today think that “dancing” is the same as “leg humping.”
  10. McDonald’s for breakfast tastes really, really, really good after freezing at a football game and being leg humped on Beale Street.

We had a great time. The Hogs won (finally) and it only took me two days to thaw out. Now we have snow here in little Rock…school didn’t start back today. But I still have to go to work. How uncool is that?

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