MONTH OF MEL: Day 19–I’m [sorta] Baaaack!

Dear Blogiverse,

I have missed you like I would miss oxygen (NOT to be confused with the Oxygen Channel). Wow. Who knew that when my ability to ramble on daily went away, it would feel like a phantom pain?

Okay, so at first, it was kinda nice not having the pressure of waking up and posting something witty. I mean let’s face it, being witty every single day is a talent. But conjuring wit every morning with my cuppa Joe can sometimes be challenging.

So much has gone on since we lost contact. The MONTH OF MEL started! I had a party, wore a tiara and a lighted feather boa! I had friends feed me and play with me and pet me and call me George! I painted my toes Leaf Him at the Altar Green! Soccer season started! My eldest son turned 16! (Yes, my baby tree frog is now a 16 year old young man with attitude the size of Antarctica…and he doesn’t want to learn to drive? WTF?) I mean, wow. Look how much you missed, Internet!

So pictured is my friend @JennChristman who attended my little Sexican™ Birthday Soriee at Cantina Laredo right here in Little Rock. I’m actually beginning to feel a little bit like Norm from Cheers when I walk in now. The Sexicans™ all yell MEL! when they see me and before I sit down one of the waiters will have a pomegranate margarita with sugar on the rim sitting in front of me before I can snap my fingers. (Okay, maybe I’m not quite like Norm because I don’t remember an episode where Norm drank a margarita or got hugged by Sam every time he walked into the bar…)

The party was fab. I felt special. As everyone should on their *ahem* 28th birthday.

Here’s a couple of more pics to satisfy your voyeuristic desires. I know you INTERNET! One pic is never enough is it?

The muy caliente Sexican™ pictured is none other than my pal Carlos. I also have a couple of pics with him wearing a tiara. I’ll spare his reputation by not posting them. The muy caliente chica is my friend Carla. We will not talk about the tongue thing. I have more pictures from this party of tongues….

the boys pictured are Wesley, and Omar. Two more boys attended the mostly Girl’s Night Out Partay: JFerg and Cmac. A good time was had by all.

Oh and look at my toes:
My friend JenB (not to be confused with JennC) took me to eat sushi and get a pedi for my bday. I am a lucky girl.

Oh and I found my first Four-Leaf Clover of the year yesterday!

So, welcome back to Mel-O-Drama. I’ve missed you Internet! I know you’ve missed me, too….right? (this is where you say, ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY!)

What’s been going on in your neck of the blogiverse?

(obviously we’re still having some technical difficulties with the blog. Old pics aren’t showing up, etc. We’re transferring over from blogger to wordpress so just hang in there…)

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