random Saturday musings


I’ve missed blogging so much, I thought I’d do the rare thing and post on a Saturday. I KNOW you’re excited. Like so excited. You’re welcome.

First of all, I have golf clubs in the trunk of my car. It seems like maybe I should utilize those things. I took lessons several years ago but I’ve never actually played golf. Like been on a golf course and hit the ball and follow it and hit it again–lather; rinse; repeat. Now I don’t expect to do that anytime soon because I’m not going to go alone, but hey, I would like to take a few swings again. (though I will admit that my chesticle area made it difficult to swing properly…)

Now, let’s talk about March Madness. I have a love/hate relationship with the NCAA Tournament. It never fails that I pick a team to go to the finals and that team will get knocked out in the first round. NEVER. FREAKING. FAILS.

This year’s loser du jour would be VANDY. C’mon Vandy? WTF? Seriously? If you were gonna put it to me like that, you should’ve at least taken me to dinner first. And a movie. Hell, at least you could’ve bought me a 40 oz and pretended to be into me for a minute. Wow. That was just uncool.

Also on my list is Marquette. No, I didn’t have them going to the finals, I had Duke and Vandy in the finals with Vandy smearing Duke because I loathe Duke (you can thank Christian Laettner for that…) I had Marquette going to the Elite Eight. Hmph. They barely made it out of the starting gate. Thanks for petering out Marquette. Thanks so much for making it soooooo worth my time.

Texas disappointed me but I had them losing in the next round, so we’re all good. Sadly, I also picked FSU because I do love the ‘Noles…and I did have them getting to Elite Eight as well…but I’m really not surprised by their performance. It’s FSU. That’s what they do.

But Marquette and Vandy? Humph.

So my bracket is not very pretty right now. Unless you think that redlines are pretty to look at…

Okay, that’s enough bitching about my poor bracketology. Now all I can hope is that Kentucky goes all the way and smears Duke in the final 4…and then takes the title.

Stupid frickin’ frackin’ farkin’ Vandy.

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