a Mel by any other name would smell as sweet…

So let’s talk about nicknames. I’m a big fan. I give my friends nicknames all the time and once I say it and it fits, it sticks. And apparently, the same happens to me because I have lots of nicknames. Some of them make sense, some…not so much.

My daddy has always called me Lissa Jane. Now, I love this name, but Jane is not my middle name. (I totally wish it were though) Not sure why daddy started calling me Lissa Jane but it stuck. And at 41 when he’s still using it. (when he’s not calling me ‘gal’)

In 6th grade I became known as French Fry because that’s all I would eat for lunch. Thankfully not long after that, my coach started calling me Mel Mac which turned to Mel or Mac. I’m still called by all those names. (it was a little rough during the Alf years…you know he came from the planet Melmac, right?)

And now…thanks to a friend’s hubby, I can add a brand new nickname to my list: Melf

Yes, he calls me Melf. And that’s just funny stuff right there. Because it can mean 2 different things

Mel Francis: MelF
Hot Mom = Milf / Hot Mel = Melf

It’s no secret that I aspire to be the hot mom. I’m not there yet, but I’m soooooo working on it. When Lee’s hubby started calling me Melf, I figured that I must be getting close.

Do you guys have any nicknames that are a little odd or no longer fit? Do you want me to give you a new nickname? cuz I will…

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