it’s all a blur

Before I tell you about my weekend, let me do this:

Dear Cold Front,

Go away. Now.


Where do I start? How about with Friday…

Friday morning I spoke to a group of students in a Workplace Readiness class at Benton High School. They were a great (but very quiet…save 1 student named Pierce who was my total favorite because he asked questions like “Do you like potato salad?”) My friend Brenda is the teacher and when I left I was pretty certain I had bored them all to tears. Brenda assured me later that day that the students loved me and voted me best speaker of the year. I guess rambling on about how I don’t like potato salad because potatoes weren’t meant to be served cold worked!

Friday night we had Relay for Life in Bryant. HUGE success and loads of fun. Pictures…let me show you them:

(these are from my phone. I haven’t downloaded my camera pics yet.)

We went with an 80s theme…and boy was it weird seeing myself and my son rocking out the bad fashion:

Meet RUN DM JFerg:

and Ian DMC:

Then there was a DUDE Looks like a Lady contest where our very own Madea Ralph Nelson took top prize:

and Kristal’s boy Hunter is now known as Huntress:

5 hours of sleep.


also found my 29th 4-leaf clover


Okay, so let me tell you a little story…it goes something like this:

Sunday morning I wake up, have my coffee on my back porch and just relax as I think about all the things I’m going to accomplish for the day. I call JChris and we chit-chat for a while…okay, about an hour. And then something she says triggers something in my head and I yelled: “Oh Shit, Jenn! What day is it? Is today Sunday?”

Jenn: Yeah. It’s Sunday.
Mel: Shit! I have to be in Hot Springs to speak in 2 hours! I gotta go!

Yes, after the busy weekend and the lack of sleep, I completely forgot about my scheduled speaking engagement and booksigning at the AAIM conference!!!

Luckily, I’m quick with a shower and make up brush. I arrived 45 minutes early and had a great time. (BTW, if you’re a writer, make friends with your librarian. They will get your book out there.)

My signing was successful and I made several contacts for school visits. (which I love!)

On the agenda this week? Sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.

How was your weekend?

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