This is my theme for the day. Hell, maybe even for the week…

So yesterday I was working in the new house…unpacking, cleaning, working on laundry. You know, basic GTL Now, my new laundry room is quite large which is fabulous. It also has lots of shelving…which is also fabulous. However, one of the very sharp edged shelves is right next to the washing machine.

Do you see where this is going?

Yes, I have a lump (his name is Phil). And seriously, I kinda think I might even have a slight concussion…unless everyone sees fireworks when they close their eyes and hears weird voices….(ok, I always hear the voices but at least now I have a valid excuse, right?)

This morning my goose egg is more like a robin’s egg but it still hurts! It’s all bruised feeling and I have a dent in the middle of it. Hmph.

I swear that shelf wasn’t there until I stood up…

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