Month of Mel 2012: Day 13

Hah. Get your minds out of the gutter folks…

So my momma called me yesterday asking me what I wanted for my birthday. I told her nothing, which is absolutely true. My mom has done so much for me over these past few years especially, and that is gift enough. Then at work, I had several folks ask me what gift I asked for…and I realized, I don’t really think it’s a gift if you have to ask for it.

When I posted about the history of the Month of Mel, I talked about I almost always planned my own birthdays…all the way down to the gift–if there even was a gift at all. (in my adult life…my mother rocked the birthday world growing up.) I’ve never once been surprised for my birthday. (I think this is one reason I love giving gifts so much.It gives me great joy to see the appreciation of a truly well-thought out, meaningful gift.)  So if I ever really did want something for my birthday–it would be to be surprised. To have someone pick out something just for me, to care enough to make me feel special for one day. I want my gifts to be personal and given with love. I want to feel like I don’t have  to celebrate an entire month to make up for feeling overlooked and taken for granted for so many years. Also, jewelry. Every girl wants jewelry.

And that’s something I would never ask for; but it is something I can always hope for. /semi-serious Month of Mel post.

In other news, IT’S TUESDAY BITCHES. Who needs some sparkle because I have plenty to spare! Also, I found my 3rd & 4th four-leaf clovers of 2012 yesterday. I’m feeling lucky…

OH…and The Bachelor: The Final Rose recap is live. After the Final Rose will be up later… is up now!

things and stuffs and things

  • I’m hoping to have both Bachelorette episodes 3&4 posted at HDJM today. There are some epic moments that must be given their proper attention. EPIC. MOMENTS.
  • Bobcat Greyskull will indeed be losing his tail, therefore earning his name after all. Probably will be next week some time. He’s doing great, though. When he wasn’t playing with Ruby he was sleeping on my chest. This morning he met Chicken Nugget, and although Nugget is slightly suspicious, he seems to be warming up to him. Nugget is a lover, not a fighter. Clementine is all “get out of my patio.” It will take her a while, but she’ll get there.
  • I found an itty-bitty 4-leaf clover walking to my office today.
  • It’s Day 2 of a short work week and I’m ready for Day 5 which will consist of driving to the lake, getting into the boat, tooling around the lake, getting sun.
  • Possibly some hiking will occur…
  • The kids were left with a chore list this morning as when I got home last night, my living room looked like a daycare had exploded in it. Candy, sodas, juice, jello, cereal, clothing, movies, socks, and shoes were just a few of the things scattered about the room. Most bedrooms are bigger than my living room. As you can imagine, I was not a happy mom.
  • I’m wondering if we can make Bobcat Greyskull a party barge cat…
  • Thanks to the boys (and fishdog) I now have an iPhone 4 (belated birthday gift) and I ❤ taking pics with it, so please see below for THE CUTE.

monkey see; monkey play

Rader P had his 2nd guitar lesson last night and Jag is impressed with how quickly he seems to be picking it up. So my little monkey is now practicing a few chords from BAD MOON RISING.

(there’s monkeys in the video, too. When I pick out a theme, I take it all the way!)

ION I found another four-leaf clover this morning when on the phone with Jenn C. (now with more monkeys)

Okay, well that’s all I have right now, unless you want to hear the story about how I nearly had a stroke while waiting to buy gas last night… Thankfully I was on the phone with Dee for the ENTIRE 40 MINUTES otherwise you would be reading about me in the paper. The headline would either be: Woman Strokes Out Waiting in Line or Woman Goes Mad and Kills All Stupid People at the Kroger Gas Station (FYI, that 2nd headline is probably the most accurate)

skinny, lucky, hot, friday!

Because I’m such a dork, I totally took a pic of me in my skinny jeans this morning.

Now look. I know the skinny is really “skinny” but whatever. I haven’t worn these jeans in almost 2 years when I got down to my lowest weight since forever. And then I kinda sorta started eating everything that didn’t run away from me. (because if it ran from me, I would have to chase it…and well, that was exercise.) Anyway, I’m back in my “skinny” jeans and I’m damn happy about it…and SO ARE YOU. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?

I’m also feeling rather lucky today because I was walking from my car to my office, looked down into a patch of clover (that I look at everyday) and what did I see?

That’s right. A four-leaf clover. My inner leprechaun jumped out and made see it as I was walking by, so that makes me not only “skinny” today, but “lucky” as well.

Now let’s talk about hot.

It is freaking HOT outside and I’m loving it. I’m sorry, but I’ll take 95 degree days over snow-covered 20 degree days anytime.

I mean, I know Little Rock isn’t a mecca of snowfall, but honestly, we had our share this year. And then the rain as well. So as far as I’m concerned, sunshine and HOT is most welcome here.

And it’s Friday. I have no kids, no plans, and no worries. Well, I am going to clean my fur-infested house but other than that, I’m hoping a certain someone’s pool will be blue again and that I can find myself lounging beside it at some point. Or maybe there will be a certain party barge that will have a charged battery and I can tool around the lake one day. Because I’m afraid I’m losing my tan and we can’t have that happen! It’s only June 3 for corn’s sake!

Happy weekend y’all!

it’s all a blur

Before I tell you about my weekend, let me do this:

Dear Cold Front,

Go away. Now.


Where do I start? How about with Friday…

Friday morning I spoke to a group of students in a Workplace Readiness class at Benton High School. They were a great (but very quiet…save 1 student named Pierce who was my total favorite because he asked questions like “Do you like potato salad?”) My friend Brenda is the teacher and when I left I was pretty certain I had bored them all to tears. Brenda assured me later that day that the students loved me and voted me best speaker of the year. I guess rambling on about how I don’t like potato salad because potatoes weren’t meant to be served cold worked!

Friday night we had Relay for Life in Bryant. HUGE success and loads of fun. Pictures…let me show you them:

(these are from my phone. I haven’t downloaded my camera pics yet.)

We went with an 80s theme…and boy was it weird seeing myself and my son rocking out the bad fashion:

Meet RUN DM JFerg:

and Ian DMC:

Then there was a DUDE Looks like a Lady contest where our very own Madea Ralph Nelson took top prize:

and Kristal’s boy Hunter is now known as Huntress:

5 hours of sleep.


also found my 29th 4-leaf clover


Okay, so let me tell you a little story…it goes something like this:

Sunday morning I wake up, have my coffee on my back porch and just relax as I think about all the things I’m going to accomplish for the day. I call JChris and we chit-chat for a while…okay, about an hour. And then something she says triggers something in my head and I yelled: “Oh Shit, Jenn! What day is it? Is today Sunday?”

Jenn: Yeah. It’s Sunday.
Mel: Shit! I have to be in Hot Springs to speak in 2 hours! I gotta go!

Yes, after the busy weekend and the lack of sleep, I completely forgot about my scheduled speaking engagement and booksigning at the AAIM conference!!!

Luckily, I’m quick with a shower and make up brush. I arrived 45 minutes early and had a great time. (BTW, if you’re a writer, make friends with your librarian. They will get your book out there.)

My signing was successful and I made several contacts for school visits. (which I love!)

On the agenda this week? Sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.

How was your weekend?

Flamingos, Sock Monkeys & 4-Leaf Clovers OH MY!

These things make me happy.

and btw, I found 10 4-Leaf Clovers yesterday. Or was it 11? I can’t remember. But you can see them here.

Okay, I don’t know why I find 4-leaf clovers so easily. I wish I could tell you. I joke about it being because I’m part Leprechaun, but now I wonder if that’s a joke at all. Because I do sparkle a lot. And I look awesome in green. And I have dye my hair red. And I find 4-leaf clovers almost every day….without really looking for them.

That’s the weird part. Ask my kids. Ian spent hours looking the other day, I walked outside, over to the patch of clover where he was, and just picked one. It’s truly bizarre.

Wanna know whats funny? I’m a little superstitious about 4-leaf clovers. For instance:

  1. I believe if you think you saw a 4-leaf clover and you pick it only to discover it was a 3-leaf that fooled you, then you won’t find another 4 -leaf clover for a while. You may also have bad luck…or at least a bad day.
  2. If you see a 4-leaf clover in a patch but don’t pick it immediately, it won’t be there when you go back for it. I think my family the Leprechauns move it.
  3. If you find one 4-leaf clover in a patch, chances are, there are more.
  4. If you go back to the same patch where you found a 4-leaf clover, you will continue to find them. My family The Leprechauns reward you for your 4-leaf clover faith.

So what do you think? I know there are lots of you out there who never find 4-leaf clovers, and that’s a foriegn concept to me. Do you think maybe I’m part Leprechaun? Or is this some weird genetic mutation? I mean, let’s get real. It’s not a super power or anything. I totally love finding 4-leaf clovers, but it’s not like I get lucky am the luckiest person on earth or anything…