it’s a girl’s day out!

Today is the day that me and my Thurz Girls go out and play! Limo, cocktails, lunch, cocktails, limo, Sex and the City 2, cocktails… Well, you get the picture.

The Sheriff (my nickname for my friend’s hubby) has reserved us a car and driver. Not sure if it’s an actual Limo or a Navigator–I think it depends on how many of the Thurz Girls rsvp’d for the event. It doesn’t matter…all that matters is we’re going to spend the day in STYLE.

I wore my kitty dress today, but no high heels. I just didn’t have it in me. Gold sandals is the only way to go for me today.
I’ll try to take lots of pics with my iPhone (forgot my other camera) and post them here and on Facebook!
Oh, and team BITE ME! took 3rd place last night at trivia. Damn Wager of Death got us again!!!

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