dude! where’s my limo??

Meet the back of Pauly’s head. Okay, his name is Paul but by the end of the night he was Pauly. He was pretty awesome. And hot. And funny. And a really good sport because let me tell ya, we did NOT have our filters with us yesterday. All in all we were very happy to have Pauly carting us around!

Meet the bar. ‘Nuff said. (isn’t this a pretty bad ass picture?)

Me and Dee. This was our “Pretty Woman” moment. Except we’re not Richard Gere.

Here’s half of the group that went yesterday. I didn’t get a pic on my phone of the whole group but a couple of the other girls did. When they send me a copy, I’ll post it.
Sex and the City 2 was fun. It was exactly what it was supposed to be: a Sex and the City movie. If you expect greatness, you’ll be disappointed. If you go expecting to laugh a little and enjoy a really long episode of SATC…then you’ll be thrilled.
We had a blast last night. Thanks again to Big Poppa aka The Sheriff for making it happen. And thanks to Dee for letting me crash with her last night. She’s the best snuggler ever. And thanks again to Pauly for being awesome.
Oh, and someone lost $10 last night and it wound up in my purse. Not sure how…but hey, if you’re short a 10-spot, I have it. If you don’t claim it by 5 today, I’m going to use it to buy my margaritas tonight for Thursday night out….so thanks in advance!

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